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What is Geothermal?

GeoAir developed by QPS Geothermal is the new generation of geothermal cooling and heating.  Where older generation geothermal circulated water through ground loops, GeoAir circulates R410A refrigerant gas. The benefits of this include:Increased heat transfer rates delivers genuine savings in the installation costs as less loops and therefore drilling is required.  Ground works in geothermal are always the most expensive part of the installation. GeoAir requires less drilling, meaning lower costs.

  • Reduced loop field footprint provides greater application. Fewer geothermal loops allows the technology to be used across a broad range of sites where there are space constraints.
  • GeoAir does not circulate water through ground loops, meaning there is no need for water circulation pumps.  This removes one source of power consumption.

QPS Geothermal self-perform all works providing cost and quality control for all projects.

Selecting a ground source heat pump for your project is a sound financial investment as well as a genuine renewable solution.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will a GeoAir™ system last?

GeoAir™ loops will outlast the ownership of the home.  All loops are copper and are manufactured under strict quality control.   All above ground systems are serviceable and can be refurbished after years of operation.

Can GeoAir™ also heat water?

Using the waste heat of the GeoAir™ system, potable hot water can be produced for the home.  This is at an additional cost to the air conditioning.

What are the savings?

Heating and cooling of a property can be as much as 50% of the total energy costs.  Based on normal usage patterns a GeoAir™ system will save the average home owner up to $900 per year (this is of course subject to individual utilization which will vary from households).  This saving offers a typical home owner a cost recovery against a conventional system of around 3 years.

Can GeoAir Heat and Cool?

GeoAir is reverse cycle and will cool and heat your home is exactly the same way as a conventional air conditioning system.

What about site access?

To install the geothermal loops, we will require a drilling rig with associated equipment to get access to site. We will need to ensure that we can manoeuvre the rig on site as well as have street access for mobilisation. QPS Geothermal will provide an assessment for you.

What do I need to look for in a Geothermal installer?

The ability for any geothermal contractor to be able to undertake all works themselves is critical. Quality management is of the highest importance with geothermal installations and not properly managed will have long term impacts on the installed system.

Can a geothermal system go on any site?

For a geothermal system to operate effectively and efficiently, it is very important that there is sufficient space between the geothermal loops. QPS Geothermal will assist you in determining if your site has adequate space for an installation.

Why is Australian made equipment important?

The development of the GeoAir system in Australia has delivered direct employment within our local manufacturing industry. Additionally, we have contributed significantly to the Australian renewables sector. The benefit to customers is having local product support of a high quality product.

Can I heat my pool?

A GeoAir system is an excellent solution for pool heating; whether it be for primary heating or using the waste heat from an installed system.   Installation and operation is simple and cost effective.

Does GeoAir system require more maintenance than a conventional system?

GeoAir systems have less moving parts than a conventional air conditioning system so will require less maintenance.

Is a GeoAir System easily maintained?

QPS Geothermal has a team of expert technicians on call to take care of any matter. Additionally, we have a network of trained technicians who can service the system.

Installing GeoAir at Fairwater was a meaningful way of reducing energy costs for our customers and delivering an environmental benefit for Frasers Property.

Paolo Bevilacqua

General Manager Sustainability, Frasers Property Australia

Representing a significant cost for all buildings, the ability to reduce HVAC energy consumption is always a high priority. GeoAir is always a consideration for us on all projects we review as a genuine means of achieving energy reductions.

Dr Neil Thompson

Associate Professor, Queensland University of Technology

QPS Geothermal were always responsive and ensured works were managed and completed to a high standard.  The geothermal system installed to our project is a centrepiece of this sustainable building.

Ben Reid

Project Manager, National Construction Management